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Avery Kane

Mixed Media

Avery Kane

Born and raised in Southern Maryland, Avery Kane grew up surrounded by the beauty of nature and The Chesapeake Bay. As a child, she loved to draw pretty flowers and simply never stopped. As she got older, Avery attended The University of The Arts in Philadelphia. She had a strong interest in animation but chose to specialize in Illustration. She graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts. Hoping to pursue an art career, she came back home to Maryland and has mostly done small entrepreneur work. This includes commissions of beloved pets, houses, favorite animals and a few more fantastical requests varying from dragons to mythological deities. 

Having a deep love for storytelling in its many forms, Kane considers herself a “world builder,” and takes delight in forging not only a picture, but a scene. When composing a picture, whether it be on a wooden box or canvas, Avery’s goal is to have people’s eyes travel all over the image. She would like them to take a second or third glance, just to be sure they didn’t miss any hidden details. She wants her viewers to be drawn into her artwork, transported momentarily to another time or place, even if it’s as simple as a kitten jumping out of a pile of leaves. Avery wants to convey the liveliness of the subjects in her artwork, as well as allowing her viewers to get a tiny glimpse of the larger world beyond. Her viewers can enjoy a moment of thoughtful interpretation and appreciation through her pieces. Because of this, Avery focuses on the movement aspect of her artwork. She would say, “Things must have a kind of flow… like the rhythm found in a nice piece of music.”

 In fact, Avery is almost always listening to musical soundtracks when creating her art. Music acts as a key inspirational element for her work. Avery tries to bring her love of music, color, nature and storytelling into every piece she has. Regardless of the different mediums, styles or subject matter, these four components remain consistent. 

Being someone who values variety in every aspect of life, Avery likes trying new method styles and exploring different mediums. She considers herself a mixed media artist at her core. For instance, she will paint a watercolor piece but layer acrylic on top to highlight one specific part of her painting. Her favorite medium to work with is watercolor. However, she also enjoys acrylic, charcoal, pen & ink, clay, needlepoint, pouring, oil, digital, scratch-art, and most recently, spray paint. Ultimately, she is more familiarized with traditional mediums versus modern digital ones, though she is attempting to educate herself on that front. Avery Kane’s greatest hope is to constantly improve through her creative journey. She wants her paintings to reach people and bring creative inspiration across the globe. She is thrilled to be a member of the CalvART gallery and is eager for what’s to come!

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