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David W. Cook


David W. Cook

Lusby, MD

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Performing Arts, Music-Performance, Music-Composition/Arranging, Theater Production, Dance, Video Production, Acting-Stage/Film, Choreography, Cultural Performing Arts

Art educator who offers classes or lessons

David W. Cook, is an International Multi-Award-Winning American Tenor, Recitalist, &
Philosopher whose work has been described as singing with “artistic vision,
commitment, and a superb stage presence”. Singing with versatility, David’s dynamic
voice has been described as “rich, sumptuous, & powerful” (VAMS). David's mission of
sharing outwardly, the gifts that have been bestowed, whether it be in sharing joy,
balm, peace, happiness, understanding, or grace, he strives to be a beacon that is
connected to our times; influencing by sharing of his gifts outwardly, in creating a
better world.

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