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Circle of Love

Raymond-Wood Funeral Home

Circle of Love

38.723862, -76.660774

10684 Southern Maryland Blvd., Dunkirk, MD 20754

The building that houses Raymond-Wood Funeral Home P.A. was first home to a commercial heating and air conditioning company. The large garage doors still represent the initial business. The funeral home began as Raymond Funeral Home, established by Michael Raymond in 1995. He sold the company to Terry Wood in 1999. Ms. Wood is especially proud that the installation of the 'Circle of Love' quilt square commemorates the 20th anniversary of their service to the community. Ms. Wood chose the design "it demonstrates the attention and care that is given to all visitors who come through our doors...The bright yellow center surrounded by hearts is symbolic of gathering together to focus on the passing of one special person to share in the celebration of life and to support each other through the grief journey.
The never-ending circle gently reminds us that we are joined together by this experience. People have historically marked death by doing something special. The quilt square hangs on our building to impart hope and to offer a peaceful tribute to all the families that we have been blessed to have known."(To view this square: enter the back parking lot and go to the side of the building)

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