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About ACCC

The Mission of the Arts Council of Calvert County is to create and maintain the space, support, encouragement, and accessibility that allows every person to be creative.


ACCC’s Core Values:

1. The arts are for everyone and should be as widely accessible and affordable as possible.

2. Artists should be supported regardless of their place in their personal creative journey.

3. Every creative endeavor deserves respect, including artforms and media that have historically been excluded.

4. The arts are an important and beneficial aspect of living in Calvert County.

Vision Statement

Calvert County is home to many unique individuals and organizations at varying stages of their creative journey; the Arts Council will work to ensure that everyone feels supported and has access to the resources they need to achieve their artistic goals.

ACCC Strategic Goals

The ACCC staff has met with members of the community over the course of the last few months; in these meetings, we have discovered that organizations operating in the same, similar, or overlapping creative fields in Calvert County feel that they are competing for resources: venues, rehearsal space, personnel, program participants, audiences, performance dates, and funding opportunities. As the designated Arts Council of Calvert County, we feel that it is our responsibility to address this perceived lack of resources with actionable efforts to build capacity in Calvert County by:

  • Attaining an Arts & Entertainment District designation for the town of Prince Frederick through the Maryland State Arts Council and in partnership with the county government to help build capacity for our growing creative economy, then using the funding opportunities made available to Art & Entertainment Districts to finance the development of a Creative Quarter that includes a well-equipped, affordable, functional creative space.

  • Expanding our grant programs to include funding for independent artists, general operations, and incentives for collaborative programming, as well as expanding our Arts in Education grant and scholarship programs.

  • Improving constituent experience by modernizing the Arts Council’s internal procedures, documents, and marketing efforts, while also improving Council-Constituent relationships through more open communication and better transparency.

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