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Job's Tears

Christ Church

Job's Tears

38.4940640, -76.5364439

3100 Broomes Island Road, Port Republic, MD 20676

This square, the 22nd in the Calvert Barn Quit Trail, was installed on June 15, 2022. Christ Church celebrated its 350th Anniversary on June 5, 2022 as the oldest continually worshipping congregation in Calvert County. The Church was one of the original 30 Anglican Parishes in the Province of Maryland and has been on the National Register of Historic Places since 1975.
Father Christopher Garcia and members of the Vestry chose 'Job's Tears,' a traditional Biblical quilt pattern for their square. It sits beside the Jousting Field, where Ring Jousting, Maryland's Individual Official State Sport, is celebrated annually at their Jousting Tournament and Bazaar.
Many thanks to Patti Wahl, Rev. Christopher Garcia and the members of the Vestry, and the intrepid installation crew: Sue Mills, William Sells, Jamie King and Traci Warnick King.

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