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Michele Steiger

Oil, Pastel

Michele Steiger

Michele A. Steiger is a realist painter, who works primarily in oils and pastels. She is originally from Philadelphia, but currently lives in Southern Maryland painting in her home art studio. Michele’s inspiration is drawn from the rural scenes of Southern Maryland and the nearby Blue Ridge Mountains. She also frequents the Jersey shore, spending long hours on the beach with a camera in hand.

Michele began studying art at an early age, and was selected as part of the Philadelphia Parkway Program her senior year of High School, where she was permitted to attend college level courses at Philadelphia College of Art. She was also a member of the Philadelphia School Art League, winning awards and a scholarship to Moore College of Art. Michele was awarded a scholarship to Philadelphia College of Art. Though unable to complete college, it was there she discovered her love of oil painting. Throughout her working years, Michele continued her study of art by attending classes at Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts and University of the Arts (Formerly Philadelphia College of Art).

Michele’s paintings show an attention to detail in vibrant landscapes. Her architectural paintings have been compared to Edward Hopper (but more uplifting). She has been working on a series of landscapes that include different views of water and wildlife in nature. She has developed her own technique of manipulating oil paint to add fine details to her architectural paintings, adding to their realism. Private collectors have said that her windows create an illusion that invites the viewer behind the curtains through the windows. Michele’s desire is to show the beauty of nature in the oft-overlooked, vibrant details of everyday scenes. Living in Southern Maryland Michele discovered a new passion of working with soft pastels. This came about when she wanted a softer look when creating animal portraits.

Michele’s work is often on display throughout St. Mary’s and Calvert County. She has had a number of works in art shows in Southern Maryland and has paintings and drawings in private collections in the U.S. Michele paints home portraits and pet portraits by request. She also accepts commissions.

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