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Tamila Theall


Tamila Theall

As an artist, Tamila has a combination of formal and practical experience. She developed techniques through art classes and continuous practice. The journey of an artist is profoundly personal. Regardless of the path, the key elements that define Tamila as an artist are dedication, a unique creative vision, and a continuous pursuit of growth and expression in her artwork.

Tamila enjoys painting in oil and acrylic mediums. Her artwork comes to life using bold brush strokes and palette knife techniques on various painting surfaces, from traditional canvas to panels and masonite.

Ultimately, inspiration is deeply personal and can come from anywhere. Tamila finds inspiration from many sources, each uniquely influencing her creative process: nature, personal experiences, everyday life, travel, and music, to list a few. Tamila often combines these sources, adding her interpretation and style to create something original.

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