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Beth Caruso


Beth Caruso


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Visual Arts, Digital Art/Graphic Design

Beth Caruso creates powerful, striking digital art using a variety of tools. Much of her artwork depicts aspects of the self and the body in relation to nature. The imagery in Beth’s artwork is bold and puzzling, as it prompts the viewer to continuously re-examine their perceptions in an effort to make meaning.

​Beth’s creative process is inspired by her passion for the arts and her unique approach to seeing the world. Many aspects of her artwork are informed by her liberal arts background, including her interests in literature, history, mythology, psychology, and philosophy.

Beth has exhibited her artwork locally throughout Maryland and nationally at the Cape Cod Museum of Art in Dennis, Massachusetts. When she's not making art, Beth teaches literature and composition to college students, volunteers at a local animal shelter, goes on long walks and hikes, spends time with close friends, and dreams of exploring new places.

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