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Michele Rivera


Michele Rivera

Saint Leonard, Maryland

Phone Number:


Visual Arts, Painting, Sculpture

Art educator who offers classes or lessons

Michele Rojas Rivera is founder of Artistic Horizon (a State College, PA nonprofit art
center). Rivera is originally from Brooklyn, NY and currently lives in Lemont, PA & Saint
Leonard, Maryland. She graduated from Kingsborough College and Penn State's
School of Visual Arts. Her passion is to pass on her drive to create through her
teachings at Penn State, local art centers, and various charter schools. She currently
is retired, but still teaches workshops in the Central Pennsylvania and Maryland area.
In particular, she enjoys sculpting with clay or painting with watercolors, her favorite
technique is wet on wet watercolor techniques because it allows the paint to have a
life of its own. She feels that what is learnt and the growth through the process is more
important than the final/finished artwork. She's attracted to human figures and
portraits by the beautiful shapes (both geometric and organic) that seem to come
together with my paint or clay to relate a rhythm of emotions. Using the human form
as the focus, she hopes to make an emotional connection with the viewer.

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