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Sandra Steedle


Sandra Steedle


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Facebook Group: Sandra Paints 

Instagram: sandra_paints23 

Visual Arts, Painting

CalvART Gallery Artist

I graduated with a BFA degree from Mason Gross School of the Arts (affiliated with Rutgers University) in 2004, majoring in painting. Color theory, design, drawing, book-making, paper making are all things I absolutely loved and immersed myself in.

I have spent the last 25+ years working in one way or another in the arts field. Eventually our family moved to Calvert County Maryland, where we have been for over 12 years. Here I spent time teaching children and teens fine arts, worked for local businesses making murals, designing fun spaces and doing design consultations. Took a break from hands on art to work at a church doing communications and some graphic design work.

Most recently I have gotten back into creating personal work and getting back to my passion of making murals and commissioned paintings for clients. I frequent festivals and shows making quick and fun portraits of people. I was awarded "Best Demonstrator" award at Anne Marie Gardens ArtsFest 2023. Art brings me so much joy, especially helping others make an amazing space or create a painting that means so much to them- it is priceless!

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